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Sarah Jane is a Québec singer, whose talent is recognised wherever she performs. Even as a youngster, she knew how to charm her audience with the high emotions she generated at each performance.

At the age of twelve, Sarah composed her first song entitled When I Was Young. During this time, she studied in Poland at the American School of Warsaw, a European institution which is renowned internationally. It is in the country of Frédéric Chopin, where music is in the core of people’s hearts, that Sarah Jane’s talent is immediately noticed. Touched by her unique and powerful voice, her music professor encourages her to form a rock band with the school’s best musicians. Sarah Jane then gives her first performance as a lead singer before a live audience rapidly conquered.

Sarah Jane moves on to visit many European countries and several historical and musical landmarks. Making her mark in many other disciplines, she discovers Moscow in 2001, succeeds in making her school’s basketball team and eventually participates in an international tournament. A little later on, Sarah Jane returns to Montreal and once more attracts much attention with her most unique voice. Professor, Armen Kesseian, who has a master’s degree in popular singing and a doctorate at Moscow University sees Sarah Jane’s potential when he hears her sing in the schoolyard. In 2004, he makes sure that his protégée participates in Montreal’s Russian Feuille d’Érable Festival. At this moment in time, Sarah Jane has the chance to impress the public at the Complexe Desjardins with her exceptional voice and artistic sensibility.

In 2007, Sarah Jane becomes ‘’’The Voice’’ of one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe, Magnolia Park. Her stage presence and natural talent makes her the ideal and perfect icon for the launching of Magnolia Park’s national campaign. Sarah Jane sings Magnolia, the theme song of the campaign, in the language of Molière and rapidly becomes a local celebrity. The City of Wroclaw, Poland is mesmerized by her voice and by the song’s infectious melody which resonates like church bells throughout its’ streets. Sarah Jane’s face is seen on all the billboards and more than 75,000 copies of the song are distributed throughout the city and outlying areas. Sarah Jane’s interpretation together with the high quality of the campaign results in the winning of two international grand prizes. The International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) attributed its creators with the first prize for the Pan-European Solal Gold Award and the Maxi Gold Award.

Today Sarah Jane lives in Montreal and wishes to become a star by means of her singing in the province of Québec. She is also enriching her repertoire with newly written compositions and presently taking a course in ‘theatre’ at the CÉGEP Lionel-Groulx, thus adding another important string to her bow. Sarah Jane intends to pursue her career as an author-composer-interpreter in order to fully dwell in her passion for the arts. Those who have met the talented spunky Sarah Jane know she will give it her all in order to succeed.