Sarah Jane earns 2nd place at the “Landmark Showcase Competition 2013”

A sweet victory for Sarah Jane

Last Sunday, on the 24th of November, the “Landmark Showcase Competition 2013” was held at the National, in Montreal. After delivering an impressive performance on stage, Sarah Jane won 2nd place in this important musical competition. Sarah Jane and all of her team are particularly proud of this outcome. She successfully won the heart of her fans by interpreting five or her best compositions. Thanks to her praised performance, she will have another chance to showcase her talent at the finals, which will be held at Club Soda next February.

The Landmark Showcase : a golden opportunity for local artists

The Landmark Showcase gives young artists a unique chance to expose their talent, providing them with an opportunity to further their professional career. With an audience largely composed of fans and important industry representatives, this competition allows artists to build strategic relationships with industry professionals and benefit from valuable advice. “The Landmark Showcase Competition” acts as a collaborative platform that aims to bring down barriers between independant artists and official representatives of the music industry. Last Sunday, Sarah Jane managed to make the most of this opportunity by delivering an outstanding performance and winning 2nd place.


The Sarah Jane team would like to thank every person involved in one way or another in this performance and to a larger extent Sarah’s career, especially those who took the time to come witness Sarah perform her songs. A warm thank you to all the fans who have been supporting her for two years. Without them, all of this would not have been possible.

Sarah Jane knows how to move every audience to which she offers her voice. Whether it be in Poland or Québec, she knows how to make her unique artistic talent shine. Her new single, ON EST AMOUREUX, is currently being played by 9 radio stations in Québec, such as WKND Québec and CKOI Québec.